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“You’ve Got Mail!”

mailbox letter letterbox mail“You’ve Got Mail!” Moviegoers and AOL subscribers should recognize that phrase. It is AOL’s option for announcing that you’ve received an email. It is also the title of a popular film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. To many lonely people in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, it’s a welcome reminder that someone cares.

With the introduction of commercial greeting cards in 1846, the effort needed to express one’s feelings and thoughts was somewhat reduced — the need to compose your own personal thoughts was also reduced. At least, you could sign your own name in your own handwriting.


The advent of computers and printers meant you could create a letter-perfect letter and still sign your name for that personal touch. Emails and texts are quick and easy, but the only personal touch is the recipient touching the screen or keyboard. None of these methods of communication is bad — they are just missing a hard-to-explain but tangible personal touch, dulling the sheen of individual personality.

The use of store-bought cards has increased as personal contacts have decreased in this age of COVID restrictions. Written and electronic communications are more necessary than ever, and the need to handwrite notes seems unnecessary. However, as any faraway soldier or otherwise “remote” person can tell you, that phrase, “You’ve got mail!”, tells the recipient to get out the letter opener (or butter knife or whatever is at hand). A phone call, email, or text is better than nothing, but nothing counts quite like a handwritten epistle, and the feeling of opening an envelope and unfurling a piece of paper containing the invisible fingerprints of the sender.

We may be hesitant to write notes because we think we don’t know what to say, and besides, greeting card writers work hard and get paid a lot to express “our” feelings. However, only you know what you want to say, and to have a handwritten note with a few personal words is a precious gift to the recipient. A lot of love and support flows through that pen when it meets paper, and knowing that our words are directed to that one person and not thousands of shoppers is priceless. And like fine leather, little flaws make a handwritten letter more authentic. Sharpen your quill, open your heart, buy a stamp, and make someone’s day!

South Mountain Memory Care focuses on high-quality, personalized care. South Mountain Memory Care is proud to offer a wide range of resident-focused daily activity programming to our residents. Each neighborhood offers activity space for group and one-on-one activities.

The brand-new building is a stand-alone memory care community, meaning that the entire building, staff, and programs, are designed to serve residents with cognitive issues. To ensure person-centered care and attention, we have accommodations for up to 28 residents. The building is divided into two neighborhoods (wings), each offering 10 private suites and 2 semi-private suites. South Mountain Memory Care is located in the Allentown suburb of Emmaus, Pennsylvania, and is easily accessible from the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. For more information, go to

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