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Active Resident COVID-19 Policy

If South Mountain experiences an active resident COVID-19 case, the following policies and procedures will be put into place:

  • 6-feet social distancing.
  • Mandatory face coverings / PPE for all SMMC staff.
  • Staff temperature screenings at the beginning of each shift.
  • 3x-a-day daily resident temperature screenings.
  • Universal testing protocols.
  • Increased daily sanitation of high-touch point surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer stations.
  • Updated visitation policy
  • Quarantine period protocols – residents will be required to reside in their designated neighborhood.

The policies that we have put into place have proven to be effective in mitigating the risks associated with COVID-19.  Our pharmacy partner, Phoebe Pharmacy, offers vaccine booster clinics and we will be using this service when needed.

Visitation Policy

SMMC currently has an open visitation policy. Masks for employees, residents, and visitors are currently optional.  Families can feel free to stop by at any point during the day to visit with their loved one. We only ask that you please be mindful of our residents’ daily routine and meal times! Please call 610-965-7662 when you arrive at the facility and a staff member will let you in. If unable to visit in person, we encourage families to set up FaceTime calls or phone calls with their loved ones!

If there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID in the building, this policy will change.  Visitation will still be allowed but at your own risk, and masks will be required if in direct contact with our residents. 

SMMC allows residents to leave the community with family for outings other than essential medical appointments. We ask for advanced notice of any planned outings so that we can prepare any items the resident may need while out of the community, including medications, mobility needs, etc. Advance notice will also help us prepare for the outing by being sure residents have dressed appropriately for the weather if they will be outside or going somewhere special. Please remember to sign out your loved one in our Resident Register, located in our front door vestibule.

Research shows that Smaller is Safer. Unlike larger senior living facilities, Small-House Model facilities have “not had to disrupt their residents’ lives quite as much when implementing infection control measures,” and evidence suggests that small-house facilities are better equipped than larger facilities to prevent COVID-19’s spread. South Mountain Memory Care’s Small-House Model has allowed us to make the necessary adjustments to successfully navigate through this pandemic. We are confident that the measures we have taken have drastically reduced the risk of spread. Read more HERE.

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