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Resident Life

The approach to resident care at South Mountain Memory Care is simple: support our residents’ physical and emotional needs in a warm and uplifting environment.

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When a resident moves into our community, we ask family members to complete a life history for their loved one.  This helps us to better understand where they lived, their likes/dislikes, etc. to get a full picture of each resident’s unique identity. Each staff member caring for the resident becomes familiar with the resident’s life history as they seek to meet the resident’s needs.  South Mountain also focuses heavily on staff retention, resulting in very low turnover.  This enhances our staff-to-resident connection and our residents’ comfortability with our cargivers

From the first day a resident moves in, the South Mountain team communicates with the resident and family to understand the resident and their needs. This communication is dynamic and ongoing as we care for the resident. It is vital that the resident and family members share their thoughts and feelings on a regular basis.  South Mountain utilizes an email communication chain to deliver important updates, community happenings, and timely information to our families.

Residents receive assistance and care as needed for bathing, dressing, toileting, and other activities of daily living. Our staff is specially-trained to care for those with dementia and cognitive impairment.

Our residents have their own private suite with access to controlled heating and cooling, as well as private on-suite bathrooms.  Families are encouraged to decorate with photos, furniture, and personal effects that provide memories and comfort.

The community is designed to encourage residents to walk about and explore the interior, but it is also decorated in a manner that hides exits and discourages exit-seeking. All external doors are double locked with passcodes and alarms for added security and safety. Residents are free to utilize and enjoy the secured Therapy Garden and front porch, accompanied by our staff.

Medication management is overseen by our staff to ensure that residents take their medication in the proper way.

All activities are intentionally structured with a purpose—to engage residents and stimulate cognition and physical activity. A game of chair volleyball with a beachball may appear to be informal, but the overall goal is to improve balance and range of motion for the participants.

Sensory and reminiscence stations are available to help put our residents at ease and mitigate any agitation.  Visiting family members are encouraged to make full use of the community when spending time with loved ones.

"SMMC is all about family, and it shows; from the moment you walk into the building, which looks and feels like a home, NOT a facility. The feeling of family resonates from all of the caring staff. It is incredibly reassuring to all of us, to know our loved one is being cared for “like family” and is safe in his new home."
Resident Family Member
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