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Why a Personal Emergency Response System Is Crucial for Aging in Place

(BPT) – With more people than ever choosing to age in place — that is, continuing to live in their own homes — medical alert devices and modifications to make seniors’ homes safer and more accessible don’t have to break the bank. Installing ramps, railings, and ensuring medication adherence are simple steps you can take to ensure your loved one’s comfort as their range of mobility changes with age.

As the needs of those we love evolve, technology has adapted to help allow seniors to continue living independent, confident lives while also providing peace of mind to their families. Gone are the days of medical alert devices that require a working knowledge of technology or are too pricey for the average retiree. Instead, the best senior medical alert systems on the market have accessible, intuitive technology that aids in opening up the worlds of seniors who are choosing to age in place amidst the pandemic and beyond.

The time may come when your loved one will need more personal and immediate care, and South Mountain Memory Care offers safe, attentive, active accommodations. Until then, here are some tips that can help them age in place.

Selecting the right personal emergency response device

Beyond living safely, seniors should feel empowered to live confidently. Personal emergency response systems, or medical alert devices, offer those who age in place the autonomy to continue life at home without the need for an around-the-clock caregiver, and the comfort of knowing help is just a push of a button away, should they need it. With proper use of the right technologies, like stair lifts, ramps, camera, lights with sensors, Amazon’s Alexa, grab bars, and other applications, seniors and their loved ones can have peace-of-mind.

Wearing a personal emergency response device can provide an added sense of security and can decrease the anxiety surrounding falling at home. However, the perceived stigma associated with their use may prevent some aging adults from taking advantage of their benefits.

Many medical alert necklaces and devices are easily recognizable as such and do not offer protection outside the home, limiting the self-sufficiency of the wearer. Aging adults may not be prepared to admit that they require additional help, but providing them with a device that is discreet and suits their lifestyle can aid their transition as they begin aging in place.

A device for every lifestyle

For a personal emergency response system that helps inspire confidence, BLACK+DECKER Health presents goVia — the discreet, on-the-go alternative to traditional personal emergency response devices. goVia products include monitoring at-home or on-the-go for those who aren’t ready to stop exploring. The wearable devices are lightweight and can be worn as a wristband, necklace or even clipped onto a belt for protection outside of the home. With location tracking via GPS, cell service and triangulation, aging in place has expanded beyond the four walls of a home.

Freedom to age with autonomy

One in four adults over 65 will fall each year, according to the National Council on Aging, making a personal emergency response system crucial for adults who are aging at home. With five devices to choose from, goVia offers an extra layer of protection for explorers, those homebound, and everyone in between.

Aging in place should not mean sacrificing freedom. Give your loved one the support needed to age independently and help defeat the stigma surrounding personal emergency response systems. 

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