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Michelle Quier and Art Schmidt Jr., Family Members

Moving Arthur in from another facility was probably the best move we ever made. I just wish it was sooner. From the minute he arrived at the facility, Joan the nurse sprang into action. Making sure he had a “clean” wheelchair as he was sent with one that was totally disgusting. From there, he had lunch and immediately was given a shower and assessed. I witnessed firsthand the professionalism and care they have for every resident. I could tell he was not cared for to my standards at the other facility. Every staff member from Karen who was a total doll handling everything from my tour to his move in, to Joan making sure every medical need was met and all the support staff were just amazing.

We have been doing window and porch visits due to COVID and they didn’t care how long we sat at that window on the cell phone with him. The happiness of the resident is top priority.

On Saturday, Hospice told us dad was at end of life. We were able to stay as long as we wanted. They supplied a hospitality cart with snacks, drinks, etc., and checked on us constantly. Sunday dad left us to be with God. Joan came in on her day off and prayed over him and kissed him goodbye. When I said to her today is your day off, her reply was, “Arthur was my patient, I needed to be here even though my staff is more than competent .”

I was surprised to see Karen at his funeral service yesterday. They just get it. It isn’t just another resident but they treat them like their own family.

I would highly recommend South Mountain Memory Care to any family looking to place their loved one in a Memory Care facility. You won’t be sorry. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

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