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Jen Trainor, Daughter, and Family

I wanted to reach out to THANK the entire SMMC Team for making this first, in-person/field trip w/Dad (since CV-19) a huge success (at least from the family perspective).  From the, “behind the scenes planning” in advance with you, providing continuity of communication between management & direct care staff (on your day off!)…to when I called in and spoke w/Jen the morning of the visit, who helped me decide how to handle things…at the last minute…when Dad “didn’t look like he was having a good start to his day.”.  Jen’s guidance that morning…was essential, specific, on-target and SO supportive…she was (IS ALWAYS) amazing.  AND…the “AMAZING” continued throughout the entire day; Brenda getting Dad 100% ready to go…she actually prepared a personal, “care package” of his modified cup w/straw & water bottles to hydrate, extra Depends & pads & sanitary wipes.  She was SO reassuring to me bc I was anxious, she said…“Jen, I am sure this is stressful for you all of you, I understand…but know you can call us (SMMC) for anything while you have Monty…it is going to be ok.” I think I started crying at that point, but…didn’t want to stress Brenda out…she DID and SAID all of the right things and tears of joy just happen this way.  Staff offered to assist w/transfer on both the departure & return. When we did pull up to say our goodbyes to Dad…staff had already come out to assist w/transfer from vehicle…we didn’t ask…bc we knew it was change of shift…we knew everyone was busy inside, but they came out to assist anyway and were again, AMAZING. When Pat & I did wheel Dad back to his room…the room & bathroom were clean and the bed was made…we put him down for a nap (he was WIPED). I mention this bc the cleaning staff also deserve a “shout-out” & our gratitude.  I simply CAN NOT say enough to thank ALL OF YOU, each and every one of you involved in making Dad’s day, this past Saturday…something which we believe gave him joy.

Please…share our sincere gratitude with everyone.  As his family, we fully understand we won’t have many more opportunities like this.  To know that SMMC also understands this…the gravity of each moment between resident and family…to see all of you go above and beyond the way you all do…to make these opportunities/moments a success when they happen…is how I can sleep at night. We are eternally grateful.

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