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South Mountain Memory Care

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Head Trauma and Dementia Among Veterans

TBI (traumatic brain injury) appears to result in a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Athletes, military personnel, and the elderly, among others, are susceptible to TBI and, therefore, may be at higher risk of Alzheimer’s.


Tips for Living Alone with Early-Stage Dementia

Many people with early-stage dementia continue to manage their everyday activities. But it’s important to look ahead to a time when performing daily tasks will be harder. The sooner you adopt new strategies to help you cope with changes, the more time you will have to adjust to them. Here are some tips.

How To Have “The Talk” with Your Children … the Other Talk

Just like that birds and bees conversation, sitting down with your kids to talk about how you see yourself aging is best handled with some forethought and an upfront understanding that it might be a little uncomfortable for both of you.

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