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There is no doubt that mental and physical activity is crucial for improving the quality of life of seniors with dementia.

It can be difficult to be certain that what you are doing for your loved one is appreciated by them or is in their best interest. Happily, there are several proven activities that you can engage in that will very likely help your loved one.

Keeping dementia patients engaged in physical and cognitive activities can benefit them. In some cases, it may even help slow the progression of their disease. Consider the following activities as ways to enhance your loved one’s life and happiness.


Go for a Walk

Take a walk in the park or around the neighborhood with your loved one. Go somewhere with beautiful sights so they may take in the scenery and enjoy themselves. Walking is an excellent way to exercise with little stress on the body. Find places where they can sit down and rest if they need to.


Feed the Birds

Feeding birds allows seniors with dementia to stay engaged with nature. Sit together at a park or pond, and chat with them while bird-feeding. Sunflower seeds, nuts, fruits, and dry cereal are safe for most birds to eat. Encourage your loved one to engage in talking with the birds. You will be surprised how that can bring out their personalities and their engagement.


Start a Garden

Gardening is another way for seniors to connect with nature. It provides physical activity, and they may grow their own fruits and vegetables. Using raised beds is best, so seniors don’t have to get on their knees or bend over. Be careful that they do not overdo it.


Go on a Picnic

Picnics are opportunities to socialize over a nice meal with your loved one. Take them to a park on a nice day and prepare a healthy lunch to enjoy together. Bring along friends, games, and music.



Take your loved ones to a pleasant outdoor location and take photos together. Photos can help seniors with dementia strengthen their memory and establish mental connections. Decorate their room with pictures so they can enjoy them at any time.

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