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Money Management for the Person with Dementia

senior budgetingreducedMoney and finances are tricky and controversial topics to begin with — very personal. That sensitivity can be magnified when discussing the need to manage money for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. When a person is deemed no longer capable of handling their affairs, a guardian or power of attorney or other system may be set up to manage their assets. These informative tips can help you before you reach that stage and help those who may be charged with your care, as well as those who are currently caring for a loved one.

Here are some things to remember before you might become dependent on others for money management.


Make a point of discussing your finances with your family and other trusted individuals so they understand your wishes for handling your assets and to head off any squabbles that could arise.

Organize important papers (mortgages, deeds, taxes, annuities, bank statements, insurance, etc.) and tell your family where they are kept. If you have a safety deposit box or safe, make sure it’s accessible.

If you have substantial assets, set up a trust to guarantee your wishes are carried out. Also, consider setting up a lasting power of attorney (LPA). This enables you to choose someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf about things such as paying bills and collecting income when you no longer want to make those decisions. If you are considering home improvements or the purchase of products to age-in-place, then seek used or rental options for things like stair lifts. In the Lehigh Valley, there are several options for used home stair lifts and even rental stair lift options that will save families money.

Speak to your local bank about extra support that may be available as your condition progresses and ways of managing money, e.g., using a signature card instead of a PIN number. A joint account may be a useful way of managing finances in the early stages of dementia. However, most joint bank accounts operate only when both parties have the capacity to use it. If a bank knows that someone is acting as a lasting power of attorney, they will usually want a separate bank account for that person.

Make sure someone protects your finances by stopping junk mail and unwanted telephone calls. Put a “No cold callers” sign on the door to help prevent door-to-door salesmen from visiting.

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