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Fun Things to Do to Shake the Winter Cobwebs

seniorandmomSpring has come to the Lehigh Valley, and we and the earth breathe a sigh of relief. It’s time for spring cleaning — clearing the cobwebs from our rooms and from our spirits. There are plenty of simple ways to enjoy spring as you are able, from opening a window and breathing the fresh air to enjoying some outdoor activities. Here are some simple but fun suggestions that you may be able to share with your loved ones who are experiencing dementia.


Take a Fun Walk Now that the weather is getting more comfortable, it is a good time to get out and stretch those legs. During the winter, we tend to stay indoors and not get out and about. With the coming spring, we should get outside, and there is no better form of exercise than to walk. It is nice to listen to the birds chirping and chasing each other. You can also see the beginnings of growth in flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Have an Outdoor Picnic When you have one of those out-of-the-ordinary warm days, take advantage of it and attend or have a picnic. The fresh air will make you feel great, and it will bring back fond memories of picnics in the past.

Watch an Outdoor Sport This is the beginning of the season for outdoor sports. You can take advantage of the weather by attending your grandchild’s soccer game and cheer on the little ones. Look to attend a baseball game in the park. If you can, ride a bicycle — there are many areas set aside for safe riding in local parks.

Attend a Spring Festival You can have a great time going to some of the festivals that seem to pop up every weekend. It might be a music festival or a food festival or an arts-and-crafts festival. You can treat your palate with some of the exotic foods you often see at these festivals. There are all types of music at spring festivals. You can sit and relax and listen, or if you prefer, perhaps get up and dance a bit!

Share Your Family History It is important that our future generations learn about our families. You can gather those precious family photos, letters, and movies, and weave a chronological history of your family. You can engage your children and even grandchildren in the effort. Everyone wants to know where they came from and who came before them. One of the best forms of history is oral history. Get a family member to record your voice as you talk about your ancestors and your children. A recording of your voice will be a treasured memory for many years to come.

Listen to Music of Your Youth Nothing brings back good memories more than hearing the music from when we were growing up. With today’s technology, you can find almost any genre of music and almost any artist. Music can band us together as a family, as an ethnic group, and as a generation.


South Mountain Memory Care focuses on high-quality, personalized care. South Mountain Memory Care is proud to offer a wide range of resident-focused daily activity programming to our residents. Each neighborhood offers activity space for group and one-on-one activities.

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