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Activities For Seniors With Limited Mobility

As a person ages, it’s not uncommon for seniors to experience decreased or limited mobility.
Limited mobility can make previous hobbies or routines more difficult and can be very frustrating for older adults.
There are plenty of enjoyable activities and hobbies that seniors with limited mobility can still participate in.

Despite restrictions to some activities due to limited mobility, there are still plenty of fun activities and hobbies seniors can experience. Here’s a few:

Playing Games
Playing games can be a great way to stimulate the mind and potentially increase socialization, which seniors can greatly benefit from. Fun games can include board games, card games, puzzles

Spending Time Outdoors
Spending some quality time outdoors and getting fresh air can be a great way to boost your mood, and potentially get some light physical activity in the process if able. Some activities that can be done outdoors include:
Bird watching, sitting on a porch or balcony to take in the scenery, nature walks with acclimations, such as a cane or wheelchair, visiting a local park or botanical garden. Having a picnic. Light-impact outdoor exercise activities/classes, such as yoga, gardening or planting

Indulging in Creative Activities. Taking up an artistic or creative interest can be a great way to expand your mind and keep your cognitive skills sharp. Some creative options include writing/journaling, painting/drawing, playing an instrument, singing/listening to music, making scrapbooks/taking photos,

Taking Classes or Courses
Plenty of senior centers and organizations may have available classes or courses in the area that seniors can participate in. If classes aren’t available, look into lessons taught online, or television shows (such as episodes on Food Network for those interested in cooking) as an alternative.

Staying Social and Connected
Having limited mobility can feel isolating and even lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety if a person doesn’t feel able to participate in activities. Finding activities that include other seniors with limited mobility can not only be a great way to find fun hobbies to participate in but can help you stay connected and maintain social circles. Some options can include finding other seniors with limited mobility and joining leagues, groups, classes, book clubs, or other activities that can not only provide more options to choose from but can also boost your mental and emotional health.

Exploring Family Activities
If you’re able, spending time with family members and participating in family activities can also be a great way to bond. Some ideas include:

Participating in Alternate Exercises
While physical activities may have some limits depending on your mobility, there are still options that can allow you to remain physically active, as well as accommodations you can use to aid you. Some options include:

Chair yoga (a version of yoga performed while sitting in a chair)

Low-impact/mobility-friendly exercise routines (such as resistance band exercises or water aerobics)

Volunteering Locally
Participating in volunteer work can be a great way to stay connected, as well as engage in meaningful work. Some ways you can still volunteer with limited mobility include:

Donating and helping to sort items for clothing drives

South Mountain Memory Care is committed to providing individualized, compassionate care to support our residents in achieving a well-balanced lifestyle. We strive to allow our residents to remain independent while emphasizing safety. Our focus is to enrich their lives, mind, body and spirit by bringing new initiatives to their day to day regimen while maintaining the activities they find comfort in. South Mountain Memory Care offers the peace of mind you deserve. When it comes to those you care so deeply about, we understand, because we care too.
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